Monday, January 21, 2013

TFR going off the air

From its launch in June of 2007, the goal of Tournament Fishing Radio (TFR) was to bring accurate information with intelligent talk regarding the sport of competitive fishing. 

Unfortunately, at this time we have decided to end the show. 

ESPN1400 in Springfield has chosen to go with national programming for the future. In December we were told the show could continue however on January 15, we were given three months to find a new outlet. 

Based on this information we made the choice to end TFR effective immediately. While we cannot rule out revising the show at a later date there are no plans to do so at this time. 

We want to thank those who supported TFR over the years and that first and foremost goes out to the all the listeners around the world. Those who listened in Springfield, Missouri on ESPN1400 on our Web site or those that downloaded the show on iTunes. The show was downloaded in 53 countries around the world and in all 50 states. We want to thank our sponsors they were the driving force for a new approach within the industry. Finally we want to thank our guests, they made the show great.

For questions, visit or email Our website will remain up for an undetermined amount of time, but access to iTunes and pod casting will end on January 28th.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Timmy Horton on TFR

BASS Elite Series Angler Timmy Horton is this week's guest on Tournament Fishing Radio.

"Horton has made some moves in the fishing industry during the off season." TFR Host Kory Mitchell said. "It should be good to hear what he's done and why why he is doing it."

Monday, January 14, 2013

FLW Signs Keystone? What happened to the "Family Values"?

Twins, errr..... yea that's family
I can see it now..... Keith Stone standing on a dock surrounded by wrapped rigs, a pro division angler takes ill, and a co-angler left alone in a boat. Oh, no what to do? Stone looks at a FLW official and hands him his case of beer, "watch my stones" as he steps into the boat and proceeds to win the derby from the front deck. "Keystone Light always smooth" The tag line is read as Stone raises the FLW trophy.

Or maybe not.....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Timmy Horton On TFR

BASS Elite angler Timmy Horton will be next week's guest on Tournament Fishing Radio.

In 15 years on tour Horton has qualified for 11 Classics, won Angler of the Year and four BASS events.

"Horton has taken a different approach to the fishing world over the past few months.." TFR Host Eric Prey said. "His recent purchase of a stake in Amphibia Sports Sunglasses is an example of an angler investing in the sport."

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Facebook. The forum fishing has been looking for?

Fishing and the interweb have never seemed to click.

Sure online shopping has been a boon to the fishing world. Tackle and boat manufactures have found a place. Even crappy radio shows have a presence on the world wide web. (err....... that cut a little close)

But true reliable fishing information and the internet have never really come together. Can Facebook fix that?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pure Fishing housecleaning

By now you've heard Pure Fishing has cleared the decks of some of their national pro staff.

Here's a list of names you might know:

Larry Nixon - Gone
Jay Yelas - Gone
David Dudley - Gone
Gary Klein - Gone
Todd Faircloth - Gone
Scott Suggs - Gone
Boyd Duckett - Gone

Wait a minute, that's multiple Classic winners, multiple Forrest Wood Cup winners and a ton of Angler of the Year awards from both tours gone?


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gary Clouse on TFR

PAA Angler of The Year and Phoenix Boats President Gary Clouse is this week's guest on Tournament Fishing Radio.

"Clouse is an important player in the boating industry ." TFR Host Kory Mitchell said. "It will be great to get his opinion not only as an angler but as a marine industry figure as well."

Monday, January 7, 2013

FLW ups angler limit to 175?

FLW officials announced Friday they would be increasing the maximum field size on Tour to 175.

A jump from 160 over the past few seasons, interestingly they averaged only 147 last year and 145 per event the year before that.

The increase is pinned to the number of BASS Elite anglers seeking to fish both FLW and BASS Elite tours in 2013. The first time this has been possible since 2010.

Apparently the rumors of FLW's demise have been greatly exaggerated?