Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Predictions

Unified Championship!!!!
Every year pundits and the like trot out their predictions of things to come for the following year. All pretending to be Nostradamus or the Amazing Karnac they predict what is coming and for the most part they're dead wrong.

With that in mind here are a few predictions for next year that will likely not happen regardless of how good of an idea they are or how much we'd like to see them happen.

1. A unified Bass Fishing Championship; we've talked about this for years. FLW and BASS send their best to a single championship to see who rules
the world. Great idea that will never happen, egos, sponsor conflicts or whatever it just ain't gonna happen.

2. Every tournament everywhere using a release boat; since catch and release started there has been delayed mortality, release boats help curb that mortality significantly. Still some of the biggest tournament operations in the country don't use them most complaining about cost. This ain't gonna happen either.

3. MLF takes fishing main stream; So far things look cool from MLF but it's still fishing and we're all still bubbas in boats swillin' beer and drowning worms to the general public. Maybe it will happen but I'm not holding my breath.

4. No schedule conflicts between FLW and BASS; This isn't happening either, no good reason for it, guys want to fish both but they can't.

5. Professional Fishing on Prime Time; Kind of goes along with #3, if poker, monster trucks and wrestling can get a prime time shot how about a little love for fishing? Again ain't gonna happen same reasons as #3.

6. An information ban that works; A novel concept who's time has come, make a lake truly off limits and if you get get caught collecting non - public info your DQ'd.  Nope, to un-enforceable, we can't do that, we'd have to be with the angler 24/7, we have an honor system ........... whatever

There ya have it our predictions for 2012 that are guaranteed not to happen no matter what. We'd love to be right and have a couple come true but chances are we wrong ........... or right about being wrong........

Got any you want to share Nostradamus?


  1. My predictions:

    1/ Nate Wellman will make a comeback... not in professional fishing, at whatever he did BEFORE his fishing career. I really hope he had something in the past to fall back on, or he's in a world of trouble.

    2/ Once the pro bass fishing tours get to see the immediate catch-weigh-and-release of the MLF, they will all switch to that format. Wouldn't that be nice? No more painfully long weigh-ins. Just a jumbotron-like TV for the fans to watch in real-time with the scoreboard.

    3/ I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that KVD DOESN'T win AOY and the Classic this year. Not because I don't like Kevin, because I think he's awesome, but because somebody will raise their game in 2012 to challenge him.


  2. So far I'm 50% right on #3! Now let's keep an eye on AOY...


  3. Kevin is going to have to turn on the juice if he wants to keep #3 from coming true 100%...


  4. One event to go and Kevin will have to win the event while the anglers currently ahead of him meltdown in order to seal the deal. Let's see what happens.


  5. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want KVD to not get AOY, but I just felt it wasn't going to happen this year. Congrats to Brent Chapman!



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