Monday, January 23, 2012

Fishing on Facebook

I am Sam
Admittedly I'm not a social network guru. Sure I post stuff on Facebook, some of you are reading this on FB, do the Twitter and Linked in things as well. But a social marketing genius? Nope,  I leave that to our crack marketing staff here at TFR.
Was on Facebook the other day and see a game called Go Fishing by Zynga, the same folks that created Mafia Wars, Farmville, Fishville and all the rest of the popular FB games.
Besides not being a social network guy I don't do games, never even held a controller in my hand, if hard core gaming is your thing I ain't your guy.

That being said Go Fishing is fun. Technically there isn't much to it, make a cast, watch a bobber, catch a fish. Tournament derby action it isn't, but an addictive way to pass a little time, you bet.

All and all it looks like Zynga may have another hit on their hands.

For the most part fishing video games are not that popular, a quick scan of the top games reveals nothing remotely fishing related in the top 40 for last year. Despite the efforts of Rapala, Nintendo and even Hank Parker fishing video games can't take the place of real fishing and never will. Go Fishing on the other hand doesn't try to replace the fishing experience, like the rest of the games from Zynga it is designed bring FB friends together and pass time.

It remains to be seen if Go Fishing will be as popular as other Facebook games, if so there could literally be millions of people pretending to fish on a daily basis. In a perfect world it would spawn interest in actual fishing, adding a million or so angler to the fishing world. That's in a perfect world, if nothing else it will give you something to do when the lake is covered in ice next month.

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