Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick Limit: Top 5 Unwritten Rules of Tournament Fishing

"Knew I should of re-tied...."
Derbies have rules; wear your life jacket, no live bait,  five fish limit, and the new favorite "one rod, one line one bait".

Those are the written rules of tournament fishing. To quote one of my favorite lines from a tournament take off: "We have 21 rules, it is every anglers responsibility to know these rules, I didn't know is not an excuse."

But what about the unwritten rules? Throughout a derby angler's career they'll hear these rules from time to time mostly in casual conversation.

In TFR's opinion these are the top five unwritten rules of  tournament fishing:
  1. If the thought crosses your mind that you might need to re-tie your lure, you need to re-tie. If you think about it do it now, not after the next cast or before you move to the next spot, do it right now. 
  2. Along the same lines as number 1. If you think you need to replace or sharpen your hook - you need to replace or sharpen you hook.
  3. A spot you know is holding fish is always worth one more cast. 
  4. A plan will almost always beat "I'm just gonna go fishing and see what happens."
  5. Use tournament minute productively; pre-rig, pre-dye, eat while your running, etc.... all save time that can add up to extra casts. 

     6. Tenacity will always beat luck. 

Sure there are other rules you've picked up over the years, these are the top five we came up with. 

Got any you want to share?

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  1. 1/ The last cast is just as likely to get bit, don't stop fishing until the last minute.

    2/ When tournament fishing stops being fun, stop doing it or you'll burn yourself out.

    3/ The minute you think you know everything, is the same minute that you stop learning anything.



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