Saturday, February 25, 2012

#bassmasterclassic Day 2

 Edwin Evers leads the pack out of the lock
TFR out early for Day 2 of the Bassmaster Classic on the Red River this morning. Settled in below the lock between pools 4 & 5 to see who was making the run.

As the lock opened, Edwin Evers lead the pack into pool # 4. It looks like several anglers that opted to fish in pool 5 yesterday decided "to go for broke" in #4 today.

Eight of the top ten after day one came through the lock including...
Day one leader Keith Poche

Second Place Greg Vinson

Fourth Place David Walker

Both Bobby and Chris Lane

Eighth Place angler Edwin Evers

Ninth Place Jamie Horton

Tenth Bill Lowen.

20+ anglers locked through, about half of the field will be in pool 4 and some may be making the run to pool 3 as well

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