Monday, February 13, 2012

MLF Advance Cast PPV - Is it worth the cash?

In a word: YES

Just got done watching the first installment of Major League Fishing PPV Advance Cast. KVD, Gary Klein, Brett Ehrler, Jason Quinn, Bobby Lane, Mark Davis, Greg Hackney and Aaron Martens battling it our on Amistad in the first elimination round.

Yep, elimination round.

MLF is different, no weigh-in hoopla, no goofy camera angles, no shameless sponsor plugs. It's fishing, with some of the best anglers in the world going at it.
So for $3 (or $18 if you pre-pay for the entire thing) what do ya get:

The first installment was around two hours long, basic description of the format and rules and then you watch eight anglers have 15 minutes to figure out where they're going to fish for the tournament day.

No practice.

They can spend the time however they want, but this is their first look at the section of the lake they are competing on.

After the first fifteen minutes, all the anglers begin to fish.

Each has an official in the boat that tells them when to start, when to stop, assesses penalties, weighs and certifies fish and keeps score. Every angler throughout the day knows where they stand, it's interesting to see angler reaction to how they are doing vs. the competition.

When MLF was announced there were concerns about a made for T.V. tournament; is it gonna be a reality show, are things going to be staged, will there be trumped up conflicts and altercations. Thankfully, no. MLF delivers great fishing information in an entertaining fashion, outstanding graphics and some true insight to how a professional angler handles a tournament day.

Bottom line it's worth the $3, better yet it's worth $18 to watch all the episodes.

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  1. For $18, I'm in!


  2. We'll except for the Bobby Lane Jack's Links plugs


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