Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Corps of Engineers - Being a soothsayer would help

 Carnack the Magnificent should of worked for the Corps
Heavy rain has fallen in Southern Plains this week, upwards of eight inches in SW Missouri and NE Oklahoma. High water and flood warnings as water rushes through creeks and rivers into area reservoirs.

The rain and floods hearken back to 2008 and 2011 when lake records were set, marinas were flooded and tournaments were cancelled.

Before the first rain drop fell "back seat drivers" on message boards, facebook and chat rooms began to call the Corps of Engineers to the carpet for not lowering lake levels in light of potential flooding.
Thankfully, it appears major flooding will not occur. Grand Lake of the Cherokees (actually managed by the Grand River Authority, not the Corps) and Truman Reservoir will receive the brunt of the run off both at levels that can easily be maintained within  flood control pools.

The White River chain of lakes managed by the Corps are predicted to rise between three and four feet, again very manageable within flood control pools.

The "back seat drivers" have disappeared. No more posts about how the Corps doesn't know what they're doing, how they only care about making power not about the fisheries or recreation on the lakes or how they don't understand the damage they cause to property owners.

These geniuses have hidden behind their screen names and keyboards waiting to pounce on another mistake.

Amazingly these same folks would be the first to complain if lake levels were dropped significantly over winter and a drought hit. During the drought in the late 90's they were complaining the lake was too low, it would kill all the fish and tourism was going to suffer.

It boils down to is the Corps of Engineers has a very difficult job managing the water resource. Their primary mission is three fold; Flood Control, Power Generation and Recreation Management.

Usually they get it right, release enough water to maintain non flooding lake levels, once in a while a freak storm comes up and they get it wrong. All be it a rare occasion. These guys are trying to predict the weather months in advance, hell the local weather guy is wrong 50% of the time within 24 hours.

Before ya step up on your soap box and scream the Corps is trying to ruin your local lake, think about what they are trying to do and how often they get it right.

Carnac or no Carnac


  1. Right- on.Their doing what WE built the Dams for ! Thank god for that.Oh better yet lets play the what if game. Get over it! I'm a fishing guide here on Table Rock. We just deal with it.

  2. Well stated, TFR. Mother Nature is a tricky beast as best. The COE overall does a great job of providing, and enhancing, the outdoor experience.


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