Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cheater Caught in North Carolina - Another Freakin' Genius

Hi my name is John and I'm an idiot...
On Tuesday FLW announced they had disqualified NC angler John Hoyle for violating rule #9 (sportsmanship) in this past Saturday's BFL even on Lake Wylie.

One of the fish Hoyle weighed in to finish third (yea third, not only is the guy a cheater, he couldn't cheat well enough to win) was found to have an 11 oz. weight in it's gullet.

Hoyle's weight was DQ'd, winnings forfeited, and he is banned from any future FLW competition.

Hoyle's profile on FLW shows he has won over $8k in his career with FLW including a win this past March on Wylie where he won close to $4400.
Like other cheating scandals, blogs an forums have exploded with rhetoric, calls to lynch the guy, statements that people cheat in every tournament..... this guy just got caught and so on.

Cheating in tournaments is not rampant, in fact it is extremely rare.

Rumors of cheating on the other had is rampant. Anytime someone gets on a role it becomes almost automatic that someone will claim that person is cheating. 99% of the time they are not.

Those that cheat in bass tournaments are idiots, plain and simple.

Every one of them eventually gets caught and banned from the sport.

They loose their reputation, their money and the ability to compete in a sport they love.



  1. I am just glad that FLW is catching cheaters and dealing with them the way they should by the lifetime ban.


  2. John Watson and B.F. Skinner did a tremendous amount of research on Behaviorism. The best I can summarize is...behaviors are strengthened or weakened by their consequences.

    What are the consequences in Missouri, and how does that compare to other states? Is it felony count of theft by deception, wanton waste of fish, attempt to steal by deceit, fraud?

    Why do people operate in this manner? A typical answer is money. I disagree and feel it is a deeper more sub-surface issue such as "need for approval", "recognition", or maybe "filling a large void that their ego is not able to fill".

    Regardless, back to the crime, I wish the laws would be more rigid and stipened. That is for the record. Off the record, I feel these people should be tarred and feathered in public.

    While this happens in a very small population I am concerned that it happens more than we think in one way or another.

    Donovan Hensley

  3. B.A.S.S.and all other Bass fishing organizations should ban this guy and all other cheaters for life.We don't need cheaters in our sport and it would send a powerful message to anybody who is currenting cheating or is thinking about it.

  4. Words cannot describe how upset I am at this guy. I have personally fished a lot of tournaments against Brian and have often questioned his honesty, but have never had any definitive evidence to expose. Brian has taken a lot of honest people’s money who at the end of the day where just fishing because they love the sport. I hope Brian learns something from this. This not only marks the end of his tournament fishing, but affects this family’s as well. Brian should be banned from fishing any tournament for the rest of his life.

    Local Moss Lake "T" Fisherman


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